tungsten welding rods

Product Description

  Tungsten welding rods 
is the earliest electrode used for argon arc welding. However, under the condition of dc welding, this kind of electrode is prone to arc failure or unstable maintenance, which can be greatly improved by adding rare earth oxides. Therefore, pure tungsten electrode is only used as a welding electrode under ac condition or as a resistance welding electrode. tungsten welding  electrode contains a minimum of 99.5% tungsten, no alloying elements. Pure tungsten has a very high electron ejection work, so it is more difficult for pure tungsten electrode to start arc and maintain the stability of arc beam than other alloy tungsten electrodes. In addition, due to the high electron escape work, the electrode tip temperature is higher and the grain growth is easy to occur, which will lead to the arc beam instability, arc initiation is more difficult, and the service life is shorter. Pure tungsten rods is only used for ac welding Materials.
Tungsten welding rods are generally used for welding aluminum and magnesium alloys under alternating current.

Our advantage for the tungsten welding rods  is the max length can be 2000mm for diameter less than 7mm,and we can keep the best package for the bar and no damage during the delivery..

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